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The following is my Concept Contribution for World Peace

The Pyramids of Egypt are Wonders, however,  “The Biggest Wonders of all are Human-beings”

I believe that the Wonders of Human Birth and Human beings need to be thought in schools as the “Wonders” that they are; “The Biggest Wonders of all”… (I think most people take their bodies for granted and not analyze the Wonder of their body).

Children are thought many things in Schools but they are not thought about the Wonders of Birth and the Wonders of the Human Body.

Both are very interesting and very complicated and must be thought carefully and with excitement as the Biggest Wonders of the World; which they are.

Teachers must teach the above Subjects to children in a clever way to make them understand the Wonders of Birth and the Wonders of the Human Body not as a boring subject but as a subject that the Children would get excited to learn more about how people are born and the Makeup of our Bodies; how each item in a human body has a purpose!

I am not suggesting that all children become Doctors, however, I am suggesting that all Children should be thought that each Human is a Wonder Bigger than any Man-made Wonder such as the Pyramids of Egypt or a Natural Wonder such as the Grand Canyon.

My idea is this:

If Children are thought the truth that a Human body is the Biggest Wonder of all, when Children grow up and become adults, they would feel that it is their duty to protect life and not destroy it…

To clarify my point:

We people protect all Man-made and Natural Wonders of the World; does it not stand to reason that We must also protect the Bigger Wonders, which are PEOPLE?

What is your vision or Concept for World Peace?

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